Sunday, February 15, 2009

baking, a band, and a brunch

I'm fine as the third wheel, maybe even the fifth, but the seventh wheel can be a pretty uncomfortable spot. And that was me last night. Even so, the cover band we saw was fantastic, and I still danced crazily and sang loudly through three long sets. It might not have felt strange at all, but my friends in the situation were the guys, not the girls - although I'd met them all before. I cut out a bit early and grabbed a greasy slice of pizza that I ate on my walk to the parking garage.

That day I'd spent hours baking with Em, a completely satisfying Saturday filled with heart-shaped treats. We loved dipping the Rice Krispie treats in butterscotch/chocolate sauce and cutting hearts in the cookie dough brownies, but halfway through the sugar cookie endeavor, we looked at each other with tired eyes and said, "Are you exhausted, too? Let's dump the rest of this dough."

Of course dumping the dough was a silly idea. I put it in the fridge instead. The dough is much better than the cookie anyway. We topped a few with strawberry frosting and looked at the incredible mess we'd made. Rolling dough is a messy and draining experience. Baking the sugar cookies just right is nearly impossible! Not something I'll be doing again anytime soon, but totally worth the smiles on the faces of my friends, especially the cute little 4-year-old boy. And the dog.

This morning after church, I had my first dim sum experience. Delicious! And I joined a group of friends for a Daytona 500 watch party. I cheered for Kenseth, and he won! I never would've thought it, but I might be able to get into this whole NASCAR thing.

I hope your weekends were as wonderful as mine . .


Anne said...

NASCAR is such a blast! You should think about going to a race, they are AWESOME.

Those dipped rice crispie treats sound delish. I could definitely eat one or three of them for breakfast.

Glad you had a great weekend.

my life is brilliant said...

Those cookies look great!

Welcome to NASCAR! It's a good time. :)