Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Turns Us Christian Girls On

Co-worker: “I was a little distracted at church last night. J___ didn’t have time to change before he came to service”
Me: “So he wore a suit?!”
Co-worker: “Yes! A suit that he wears, you know, to his really good job where he makes really good money.”
Me: “Oh my gosh!”
Co-worker: “And then he probably got warm, so he took off his jacket and . . . ROLLED UP HIS SLEEVES!”
Me: *Gasp* “Oh wow.”
Co-worker: “And he was all praising Jesus and lifting his hands with the rolled up sleeves.” *Sigh* “I contemplated going and sitting in front of him so I wouldn’t have to watch.”
Me: “Ohmygosh, I don’t even need to see it!-just picturing it-so hot!”


pinksundrops said...

That's hilarious! Brando has had to wear a suit to work so many times (unfortunately not making the REALLY good money, tho...) that it's the casual clothes he's rarely in that turns me on : ) .

s said...

haha too funny! i love guys with suits and weirdly enough i love guys with rolled up sleeves, it's mainly because i despise the short sleeve button downs. wow, i never knew i had such an opinion about boy's clothing.

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, I LOVE it when guys roll up the sleeves of their dress shirts!

But try seeing a man in uniform. I never was into it before, but K really makes it look good!

Jenni said...

Men + Suits = HOT!

And rolled up sleeves just up the ante even more!