Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nine Hours in New York City

What can you do with nine hours in New York?
- hang out in Times Square
- grab a Starbucks
- visit a friend at a nearby bar
- buy hotdogs from a street vendor
- walk through a gorgeous church (old Broadway theater)
- attempt to win lottery tickets to see "Wicked"
- walk around Greenwich Village
- eat lunch at Village Den
- pick up cupcakes at Magnolia's
- buy a book at a small bookstore
- shop on Canal Street, miraculously without buying anything, er much
- stroll through Central Park
- shop 5th Avenue, visit Trump Tower, walk by Rockefeller Plaza
Not bad, eh?
*Note that in only two of the four pictures I am stuffing my face.


pinksundrops said...

Now that's a New York trip I would want to do. You so make the most of any trip!

brandy said...

Eating would definitely play a huge part of me in New York. Because how could you not go there and have a cupcake??

Anonymous said...

were those hot dogs as good as they looked? I've always wanted to try that. You always make the most of where ever you are.

s said...

that cupcakes looks delicious.

boodut said...

that's because in one of them you had just FINISHED stuffing your face. haha