Friday, January 25, 2008


T if for tire: Lucky me, I get to replace one of my tires this weekend. Not necessarily something to look forward to, but I always feel so good about myself after I’ve done something responsible. It’s like “By golly, it feels like just yesterday that my mama and daddy was buyin’ my stuff and now I’m all growed up.”

G is for gym: the weekends are when I can really lose track of time at the gym and whip my butt into shape.

I is for I: who I will be attending the Washington Auto Show with, hopefully without wanting to rush out and buy a new car.

F is for fondue: Saturday night is “Fondue Forks and Game Faces” night with the Bible Study girls. I plan to eat lots of food and win whatever game we decide to play.

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Jenni Lynn said...

game night with the girls sounds great! I love the title!