Monday, January 14, 2008

Exactly why I won't buy a couch

Uh! oh!

One of the house rules around here is: Don't eat on the couch. And I agree that it is a very important rule. One that I would certainly have in place if the couch were my own.

But I happened to forget about that rule today when I grabbed a granola bar and plopped down next to my laptop. After finishing my snack, I hopped up to change into something more comfortable only to return to the couch to find . . a chocolate stain. Not big, but completely noticeable.


How do you get chocolate out of fabric? And quick?!

I rushed to the kitchen, pulling out bottle after bottle under the sink in hopes of finding a carpet cleaner or some magic potion that might erase the crime I had committed. Nothing. Dashing back to my laptop, I googled "chocolate stain on upholstery" and found a couple of remedies that just might work. But no sooner had I begun to hope when my roommate, the couch owner, opened the door. Quickly, I sat on the stain and acted casual. "You're home early," I said, swear words floating through my mind.

What on Earth would I do now? If I left to get supplies, she'd see the stain. How could I fix the problem without her noticing first?

Flip the cushion!

I'm still sitting on the clean side of that cushion, hoping I can find a time in the very near future to treat that stain that she would hate me for leaving.

I feel so guilty . . and scared it won't come out!


Anonymous said...

my stain guide says hot water with diswashing liquid. stains are the story of my life!- smita

Morgan said...

You totally crack me up! I would be doing the EXACT same thing...that's probably why. Did you get the stain out yet?

Anonymous said...

pray on it, and i'm guessing that you will rush over to tell her.

pinksundrops said...

Okay I hate to laugh, but I am at the thought of your guilty look sitting there on the stain!! LOL. Good ol' hot water and soap (I use Dawn) should do the trick if you do it tonight before it sets!

s said...

hope it went away :)

TCO said...

Ooops. Way to think fast. It's just a couch anyways.

my life is brilliant said...

Hope it comes out! Funny story, though.

Once in college, we had this really dumb roommate who was painting her toenails red on our khaki couch. You can pretty much guess what happened.

She was so smart that she immediately starting trying to WIPE the stain up.

GIANT red blob on our couch. Needless to say, she had to buy a new slipcover for our other roommate, who it belonged to.