Friday, January 18, 2008

Highlights of the Week

  • My iPod broke . . again. As in for the third time in two and a half years. The screen has been frozen for about twenty-four hours now, and I’m hoping they can’t fix it. Why? Because apparently the third time’s the charm. I was told that I could pick out a brand new iPod the next time it broke (before the three-year warranty was up). And folks, this would be that next time. I can’t decide if I want to go out with friends tonight . . or go to Best Buy.
  • My roommate is moving out. The messy one. I don’t think I ever complain about her on the blog, but that can only be because I have great amounts of self-control. I have three roommates who are all sweet. One just happens to leave her crumbs all over the counter and her dishes in the sink. She also happens to let her boyfriend stop by at 7am every morning for no good reason other than to let him see us running around in our robes. They do work together, but as far as I’m concerned, he can just wait in the lobby. He does, after all, enjoy classical music.
  • I received two Evites from the old Bible Study Girls which means that I could be hanging out with the gang for the next three weekends. They’ve all been so busy with work and life that we’ve only gotten together maybe twice in the last six months. I need some life updates! . . and to meet a couple of new boyfriends.
  • I am lean . . according to the body fat screening I had done at the gym. However ‘lean’ by no means equals ‘toned’, which is really the goal here. But I say this because I am almost positive I was not lean a few months ago . . proving that portion control and a little bit of exercise really do work! The trainer (who I am not buying any sessions from) told me that the level below lean was called “athletic”. I said, “Are you sure that a-word isn’t anorexic?” I mean, isn’t lean good enough?! It is for me. But I’m also not running any marathons.
  • Job stuff is looking good. I haven’t applied for anything yet, but the wheels are being set in motion, and I’m highly optimistic and only minimally nervous.
  • I’m treating myself to my favorite sandwich place today. I eat Lean Cuisines and apples every single day for lunch. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break. The Greek pita sounds delicious: chicken slices, marinated tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, pepperoncinis, feta cheese, and lettuce. Yummm.
  • And I cannot forget to mention that I had dinner with K again, the first time I've met a blog friend twice. It was fun . . and delicious!


k said...

i am going to do the body fat thing next week. i'm still scared, but i am going to do it.

mmmm, i had greek on wednesday. how can i be thinking about food after all i ate this week!?!? and dana and i went out to dinner last night when i got home. maybe i should hold off on that body fat testing for a few weeks

Isabel said...

My iPod does this thing where I can't turn it off. So I just have to wait for the battery to die and plug it back it. Then it's perfect. Have you tried that?

pinksundrops said...

The thought of your Greek pita is making my mouth water. Hoping they can't fix your ipod! Yay for warranties if they can't!

my life is brilliant said...

Good for you on the "lean" news! You should celebrate that!

That's a lot of updates! Sounds like things are going well. :)

Courtney said...

When I come to DC in April we are SOOO having lunch!

s said...

i need to do that body fat thing too, they have been offering it at my gym all week. i need to just suck it up :( yay, for meeting blog friends!