Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cars, Cars, Cars

So I made it to the Washington Auto Show last weekend. Having a dad in the car business, I've always been somewhat knowledgeable about makes and models, what's overpriced and which cars are well made. In fact, I've become quite opinionated on the subject.

This weekend, I spent way too much time on the first floor wondering around amongst the foreign cars, only taking an interest in those I could never afford. I only had a half hour to browse the GM models, many of which I am in love with and could reasonably hope to buy someday. I'll spare you my commentary from the show, but I will share a few of my favorites.

If I look happy in this picture, it's because I'm sitting in my favorite luxury SUV, the Cadillac SRX. It just looks right, doesn't it? I would certainly never need a car of this size, unless I had a few kids in tow. But at this rate, the car will be discontinued long before that happens. Fortunately Cousin J and K have their eye on one, so at least I'll be able to ride around in the backseat every once in awhile.

Next up is the Pontiac Torrent. If I was really in the market for an SUV, this is what I'd pick. Some of my favorite features are the fold-flat front passenger seat, the sliding second row seat, and of course the remote keyless entry. While I'm at it, I might as well get the leather seats, the navigation system to fill that lovely screen on the console, and the six-disc CD changer.

If I'm sticking with a coupe or a sedan, my definite top choice is the Pontiac G6 GT. Check out those curves! Hot! I love cars that can still look sporty with four doors. The GT comes with an eight speaker sound system, including a sub woofer. I'm just sayin'. And I loves the leather-wrapped brake handle. Yes, I will take it with a sunroof and XM radio. Thank ya.
I'd get into the safety features and explain value you get for the money, but I know you'd just get bored with all that.
But if it's a luxury sedan I'm looking for, I'd take either one of these beauties. Acura and Lexus sure do make some very attractive vehicles.
The Acura TL and the Lexus IS250 make me drool.


steve and randel hambrick said...

you look nice in the cadi... :)

Stacey said...

You look like you belong in that car!

I've been noticing BMWs lately. I never thought I'd care much about luxury cars, but wow ... the lines are just too sleek on the new models! Now I have a goal ... be able to afford a new BMW one day! :)

my life is brilliant said...

Fun fun fun! Those are some pretty cars!

Anonymous said...

I think SRX ia an acronym for So Really eXpensive, but very high style.