Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A couple of the Bible Study Girls have registered for a New Jersey half marathon in May and because of my fabulous endurance on the treadmill lately, I’ve begun to wonder if it’s not something I could do. I have already printed out a twelve-week training program, and last night I headed to a runners’ store for some new running shoes. After all, I have been wearing the same pair for four years. I can’t believe they’ve held up so well . . buuut wait, considering the fact that I haven’t spent much time in a gym over the past two years, maybe it’s not so surprising. At any rate, they’ve become completely unbearable to wear, thanks to the horrible bunyan that has appeared on my right foot. Ouch! I knew the store was open until 8pm on weekdays, so imagine my surprise when the door was locked at 6:30. There were still customers inside, but the sign in the window said “Sorry, we’re closed.” Annoyed that I had parked and walked two blocks in the cold, in addition to driving ten minutes, I looked up the number on my Blackberry and gave them a call, while still staring through their front door. “We’ve closed early for the holiday,” the man said. The holiday, I thought? I realize it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but what?, are you gonna go home and have some cake? If you’re going to observe a holiday, then close for the entire day! Don’t use it as an excuse to leave early! Besides, I have a dream . . to run in this half marathon, and I need some new shoes so I can get started!

I went back tonight, of course. And after trying on several pair, I had to say it. "These are all really comfortable which is obviously most important . . but I don't think any of them are cute." Fortunately he understood and we found a great compromise I think:
. . . so I went to the gym and ran three miles.


Stacey said...

Running shoes are probably the ugliest things I've ever put on my feet ... but sometimes you have to compromise style for comfort, unfortunately! :) And, yes, you did a great job in picking out probably the best-looking running shoes I've seen in a while!

Way to go on planning to run the marathon! That would flat-out kill me. You rock!

pinksundrops said...

Thank God he understood! I had to go thru three different salespeople to find one that understood that I had to have the cuteness factor : ) . Yours are adorable!

pinksundrops said...

Oh and I'm so excited for you about the marathon!! I've always wanted to run one! It will be SO much fun for you and such an accomplishment.

boodut said...

i think those shoes are very cool looking.

my life is brilliant said...

Those are cute!

I just bought a new pair of tennis shoes about a month ago. I had a cute pair and a pair that was much more comfortable. Since I was getting them for running, I actually put the cute pair back on the shelf and bought the less attractive, more comfy pair. And they were even $10 more.

That was a first for me. And hopefully a last!

k said...

yay to a half marathon. yeah - running shoes that are actually good for your body to endure long runs in are typically ugly. it makes me save the shoes just for running though as opposed to using them for everything and wearing them out faster. i saw your post on chloe's blog and i am using hal higdon too.