Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lost . . and Found

I pride myself on taking good care of my belongings and never losing anything. But lately, I've realized that there are several things that I have been missing for quite awhile. Such as:

- this cute floral button-down Abercrombie shirt that I only wore a few times
- camel-colored leather Mia wooden heels that went with everything
- my favorite comb that is broken but, nevertheless, it's my favorite
- the remote control to my stereo
- Wired hair gel that I used every time I wore my hair wavy
- my super-comfy Reef flip-flops
- my digital camera software CD (which has been the source of many frustrations lately since downloading off the Internet has somehow not been working)
- my favorite yellow highlighter
- my fonts and clips CD for scrapbooking
- my Tim McGraw CD

Some of these things I've been missing for months and I still wonder where they could've gone (especially the heels). You would've thought that when I moved four months ago some of these things would show up, but no such luck. All this has lead me to believe that I shouldn't brag about never misplacing things, because clearly organization is not my strong point. I like to say I am organized, because I do love organization and everything in its place, but let's just say, it doesn't come naturally. I suppose I claim to be tidy, because I dream of someday achieving a lifestyle of tidiness and hope that proclaiming that over myself will one day result in me being the perfect housekeeper I dream of being. . . . It's possible.

Update: I cleaned my room and even bothered to finish emptying my suitcase from vacation a month ago - and, sure enough, I have now recovered my comb, my flip flops, and my hair gel. Yess.


Heather said...

God is faithful!!!

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