Friday, August 12, 2005

X & Y

You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go?
You're in control, is there anything you wanna know?
The future's for discovering
The space in which we travel in

-coldplay, "square one", x & y

"In mathematics X and Y were always the answers, but in life no one knows. To me the album is about those unanswerable questions, and what you should do about the fact that you can’t explain all the unknown variables” - Chris Martin

I got the new Coldplay CD a few weeks ago and it's awesome! I highly recommend it. I had been anticipating it for so long. I can remember hating the band when I first heard them a few years ago, but after being made to listen to them a few times, I, too, became a big fan. Unlike the first two albums, this one didn't take a lot of listens for me to get into it. It was an immediate hit with me. It's true when they say Coldplay is "a band that belongs to the world but fans believe that the music is for them alone". I don't know if it's the guitars, Chris Martin's soothing voice, how each song seems to build perfectly . . . but these guys are good.

My music pastor wrote a positive review on their new album and below is his conclusion:

"Coldplay are not only connecting with people through their lyrics, but also through their music. A group of four guys who all play their own instruments well, along with arrangements that are not overly produced, cluttered or over-polished is all quite refreshing in these days of synthetic pop and banal rap, (I apologize if you are a fan of these types of music but its just, well, bad music).
"Chris Martin is definitely a man searching for answers, along with a genuine concern for the downtrodden - when he asks questions they are, for the most part, the right questions to be asking. Sadly, he's looking for answers in the wrong places. When Martin is offering advice and counsel, he resorts to a humanism that trusts in the goodness of the human heart - but without the healing work of Christ, 'the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.' Jeremiah 17:9"

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