Sunday, August 07, 2005

One of the best days ever

I woke up this morning expecting my Sunday to be just another Sunday. I had no idea what lie in store. I went to church and stayed two services because there were two guest speakers preaching today - both quite good - they spoke on living through the storms in life and intercessory prayer. After church, my grandma treated me to lunch at Charleston's (mmm - one of my faves) with my aunt and uncle. I love eating out with my uncle, because he always asks me meaningful questions. However, I then have to take time to think of the answers and explain them, which means once everyone else is half done with their meal, I haven't even started mine. He asks me questions like, "Give me your dream update: If God said you could do anything you wanted to and you would be successful, what would you do?" (He's always encouraging people to dream big.) And, "Where would you like to be in 20 years?" And, "What kingdom impact do you most like to have on others?", etc. It's so good to be asked questions that make you think. After my delicious lunch, grandma dropped me at home where I did a whole lot of nothing until I went back to church to greet for TerraNova. I was sad to leave TN with no plans and drove home realizing my weekend was over. Oh, but it wasn't. On my way home, I stopped off at Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures I'd had developed, and while I was waiting for an employee to get them, I browsed the DVD new release section. I couldn't believe what I found. . . only the best TV sitcom ever made! The Cosby Show: Season I on DVD!!! And, how convenient! My birthday is only 9 days away! If only you knew how long I've been waiting for this to come out . . . and really I had no reason to believe it would. I even got online and sent an email to NBC requesting that it be sold on DVD. Soo, this pretty much makes today one of the best days ever! Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but I'm really excited.

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