Wednesday, August 24, 2005

She's Gone Country

BF (best friend) & I fell in love with country music about six years ago. I was a big-time hater until she made me listen to "It's Your Love". After that, I listened to country radio constantly just hear that song, meanwhile discovering tons of other great songs. One of our fave songs back then was "Little Red Rodeo" by Collin Raye. So, when we found out he was going to be in town last Friday, we decided to go. We've just recently begun listening to country again, so it was the perfect time to go to our first country concert. We put on our straw cowboy hats right before we got out of the car and made sure to park by the big flashing sign so we wouldn't get lost like last time we were at Mid-America. We hadn't gotten our tickets yet, but when we asked for the best we ended up with tickets right in the middle of the front row! (Too bad it wasn't a Coldplay concert or something.) Anyway, it was a good time. Even got to shake Collin's hand - ooooh.

Afterwards, we got into Ribfest free and heard what's-his-name sing "Hicktown" which is also one of my current favorites. I tried some deep-fried Oreos and we walked around looking for a good place to take a picture. After finding a spot, we just stood there waiting for someone to walk by who we felt comfortable asking to take a picture of us. After about five minutes of waiting and letting a ton of people walk by, BF says, "Laur, everyone here is W.T. We have to just ask someone." (And she meant that in the nicest way possible.) But I mean, hasn't that ever happened to you? You're wanting to ask someone to take your picture, but no one "feels" right. They either look mean, or unclean, or too old to know how to use a camera. Finally, there they were - the perfect couple. And the man loved taking pictures. He even offered to take more than one. It pays to wait, I guess. Wish I could post one of the pics - they're so cute - but I lost my digital camera software CD. Oh, but don't worry - my next buy will be a cute little Canon I've been eyeing for a long time.

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