Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Here's to You

Today is my dad's 50th birthday. Wow! Sorry, but that sounds old to me. And to think I'm nearly half way there! I decided since today is so special that I would write a blog about Dad - some things I like about him and some good memories I have.

So, what do I like about Dad?:
(in no particular order)
1. He's funny and has a great sense of humor- he's famous for the one-liners and he always has a new joke to tell
2. He's a good story teller - he can always make you feel like you were there
3. He's sentimental - so I don't have to be the only one who's attached to places and songs because of the memories they evoke
4. He has a good memory - which goes hand-in-hand with his great story-telling and sentimentality and means I get to hear all the details of what my grandpa was like and what my aunts and uncles were like when they were younger
5. He loves to laugh - and you can hear him a mile away, believe me
6. He dresses cool - so I've never had to be embarrassed to be with him in public :)
7. He likes cars - and sells them (how convenient) and can name any make and model and year waaay back into the . . . well almost since cars were first made
8. He's a hard-worker - and ever since I was a baby he's been working long days, pounding the pavement, selling cars so I could eat (thanks Dad!)
9. He's smart - and he knows something about everything
10. He loves his family - and he shows us
11. He's loyal - and a good friend to others
12. He has integrity - and follows his convictions

So, what are some things I remember about Dad?:
1. I remember him tickling me pretty much every day until I eventually grew numb to it
2. I remember peeing on him, after I warned him to stop tickling me
3. I remember watching Miami Vice and Dallas with him when I was little
4. I remember listening to the Casey Casum's Top 40 on the way to church every Sunday in his demos (cars) as his fingers would drum on the steering wheel and I fell in love with songs by Madonna, Billy Joel, Janet Jackson, and Michael Bolton
5. I remember being his "median" (comedian)
6. I remember finishing his sentences when he'd quote Monty Python, Arnold Schwarzengger, and Robin Leach
7. I remember when he won me a stuffed puppy at Adventureland and I named it "Ace" (I was devastated when I lost it)
8. I remember when he'd tease me about how perfect and angelic my little sister was, because she looked so innocent and she always gave him hugs . . . but I knew he loved me just as much
9. I remember when we'd make jokes together about my mom being Czech and growing up on a farm (even though I now love to hear stories about my ancestors).
10. I remember when he'd slip me extra money and tell me not to tell Mom
11. I remember when he took me to my first R-rated movie, "Con-Air"
12. I remember when he taught me how to slalom water-ski
13. Singing to our song, "Unbelievable" in the car

So, here's to you, Dad. I love you!

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