Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's Game Day

Best friend called it first. We always try to be the first one to announce that "It's Game Day" or even "Pre-Game Day" for that matter. She called it last night at 12:15 a.m. And she's the lucky one that gets to go watch the Huskers kick off their 2005 season with a game against the Maine Black Bears tonight. If we win this game, it will be our 20th straight season-opening victory. We've never played MU before and they're our only Division I-AA opponent this season, just as we are their only Division I-A opponent. I'm not real worried about this game. I know Maine had a really tough schedule last season and they beat their first-ever Division I-A opponent, Mississippi State 9-7, but with our 2005 recruiting class (supposedly one of the nation's best) and some great players returning (ie: Daniel Bullocks, Cory Ross) it shouldn't be an issue. Go Big Red!

Last night was a good time with Best Friend. She & I, instead of eating out, decided on a $.69 box of mac n cheese and leftover pizza while watching the "Concert for Hurricane Relief" and gasping at the idiotic, emotional statements made by Kanye. I can't even comment about it, because I will go on and on. I do not, in any way, think that this is a race issue. I'm praying for the people who have lost everything; it breaks my heart. It makes me think of the end times and how close we may be to seeing Jesus return.

Best friend and I went to this documentary/movie called "Mad Hot Ballroom" which we loved. It was about 5th grade inner-city kids in NYC and their required ballroom classes and competition. It was so cute and I definitely recommend it. It makes me miss ballroom dancing. I haven't gone in a couple months - it's hard to find someone willing to go with me. After the movie, we snuck into "Wedding Crashers", which made it my 3rd time seeing it, and I still laughed throughout the whole thing. I want to recommend it to people, but I can't because of the language and nudity - dang! I just wouldn't feel right about that. But, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are hilarious! Best friend loved it, too.

I feel pretty lazy right now. It's noon and I'm in my pajamas, because I slept until 11, which I haven't done in ages and didn't even think I was capable of it. But, last night, after getting home around 1 a.m., I discovered two boxes in my living room. . . . "I got a Dell!" So I had to open them and play around on my new 'notebook'. I forgot I had gotten a printer, too. You may remember my blog about buying myself an iPod, which I did . . . and two days later I decided I needed a new computer. Mine is 5 years old and . . I need a new one. I discovered that my iPod was not compatible with my parents computer (which has Microsoft ME) and realized that I wanted to put iTunes on my computer anyway since I won't/shouldn't be living here too much longer. Soo, that meant new computer. She's a beauty, too. (I named her "Adella" - don't think I'm a dork - you have to name your computer when you start it up.) I called Dell up and had them customize my Inspiron 6000. I was a little nervous dropping $1500 in one week (on both gadgets) but it made me feel better to know that I did get some deals. I saved $200 on the Back to School sales w/ Dell and I got the guy at Best Buy to throw in the iPod armband for free. So, I feel good about it.

Well, I'm pumped about this weekend. It's supposed to be hot and I plan to spend the rest of today on the beach at the lake (as well as Sunday and Labor Day with family). Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...
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pinksundrops said...

Hope your weekend is going well, and sunny. So far we've had a great one although I really should be in bed by now!

I see I'm on your fave's list - awww. I just discovered you, how does that work? Any way I also see Austin is on your favorite cities list. Love it!