Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Do your body a favor . . Think Happy Thoughts

I never realized the impact of stress on the body until yesterday. Everything was going along just fine at work. And then, for some reason, (don't ask why), I took a trip to Negativetown. I began thinking about things that were upsetting and focusing on things that were untrue about myself. I could feel my back getting tight as the tension slowly crept up into my neck and eventually resulted in a terrible headache. I spent the rest of the night feeling dizzy and trying to crack every joint in my body over and over hoping to release some of the pressure. I've experienced tension from stress before, usually after a tough day at work (and I realize that I don't really even know what tough is), but never has it come on in such a short period of time. It was crazy. I tried to think of some way to shake my bad attitude and loosen up a little. Funny, the mall just didn't seem to do it. I hadn't been for nearly a month (excuse me while I pat myself on the back), but I've noticed since having my "real" job these last 5 months that my closet is lacking (usually those last four words should never be said in reference to my closet) some more tailored, work/business appropriate clothing. Nevermind that dress code is business casual and I've probably only worn the same thing 3 times max. I'd say at least a few days a month we have important clients drop by and the dress code is business professional - and those few days are what I must be prepared for . . as well as the next job I have, which hopefully isn't too far into the seemingly distant future. So I went to the Gap - the one place I can always shop even when I don't feel like shopping. And I walked out empty-handed . . . . so I turned around and went back for my big bag full of two tailored, cuffed, button shirts and a black blazer I've been wanting for months. (You thought I actually left without buying something?!-never)

Last night I had my first meeting with my small group of teen girls at what is called Fresh Start. I have not actually been through it (the class & small group) myself before, but the Lord has used the principles and tools taught at Fresh Start in my life in a huge way. So many people are becoming whole and learning how process the issues of their heart and have right relationships with one another. It's so awesome. I can't wait to see what He will do in these girls' lives. And it's especially neat that they are so young and learning biblical principles that they can apply to so many of life's situations. Another perk about them being young . . we get candy every week!

After Fresh Start last night, I was dying to get home and take some drugs for my headache! I don't know if it was the back massage my mom so graciously consented to give me, the pork chop, the two bites of vanilla bean ice cream, or the pill, but by the time I hopped in bed, my headache was considerably better.

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Stacey said...

I know what you mean ... I'm a pro at doing the same thing to myself over trivial things, too. Work can be stressful enough without thinking negatively, but we all managed to do it. Glad you worked it out!