Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long Weekend

The long weekend was so nice. I went to a co-worker's wedding on Sunday and loved it. It was my first time attending an African-American wedding. She played one of my favorite love songs when she walked down the aisle - "Spend My Life With You" and she had about 3 soloists that did an awesome job! I loved the pastor, too. Let's just say the message was pretty lively! After the wedding, I went to an all-black Baptist church for their anniversary service. I was the only white person amongst a few hundred black people and they were all dressed in white! Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel out of place at all. A couple of choirs performed and made me want to jump out of my seat and start dancing like one of the girls I came with . . I should've. Instead, I just bounced around in my seat a little. I've always wanted to attend a black church service and I'd love to go again.

Sunday night was another "Cousins Night"! I love my cousins. Even though we live close, we don't get to see each other that often. But, when we do, it's a blast. Dancing, eating, movies, chats, and silliness. It was a late night. We woke up the next day to rain! I was so bitter. Rain on Labor Day?! I was supposed to get a tan! Instead, it was raining so hard, we couldn't see the other side of the lake! My family is so great that I really couldn't complain being cooped up in Grandma's house with all of them eating appetizers all day. It cleared up in the late afternoon, though, in time to get a pontoon ride in and teach one of our guests to water ski. Supper was burgers and brats off the grill, Grandma's signature baked beans, potato casserole, corn on the cob, fresh fruits and veggies. . and more . . with ice cream and (my fave) triple choc cake again for dessert.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I hated to see Tuesday come. How was your weekend?

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