Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Storm, Storm, Go Away!

With the impending winter storm in Nebraska, I'm already preparing myself for the possibility of not making it home for Christmas. Just the thought makes me very disappointed and sad, as I think of all the traditions and special moments I'd miss. There is nothing I love more than holidays with my family. Nothing. But I also hate worrying, pouting, and feeling sorry for myself.

I've been praying about it, and I know the Lord can bring good and joy out of any situation.

Plan B is all lined up, and while it doesn't sound even remotely exciting compared to being home with the whole family, I am ready to embrace it if I must.

But I am certainly praying that the storm won't be as bad as predicted, and we can all gather safely at my grandmothers' homes on Christmas Day.


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my life is brilliant said...

Is that a picture of your grandmother's house at Christmas? If so, no WONDER you're so anxious to get there! That's the coziest, most perfect place to spend Christmas that I've ever seen!

I hope you're able to make it!