Friday, December 04, 2009

The Real Tree

Last night, we brought home a real tree!

And a wreath. And a BIG poinsettia.

We had some trouble getting it to stand straight {always the hardest part}, but a few tries {and a couple magazines propped under the stand} later, it was looking good.

We strung it with hundreds of lights and hung some pretty bulbs before stepping back to admire it.

All while watching "White Christmas".

One of our roommates bought us little advent calendars with chocolate and make-your-own Christmas door hangers. :)

I stayed up too late looking at it.

Will post a picture soon. {But honestly, it needs more ornaments first!}


Anonymous said...

yay! i think i am keeping it simple on my tree. just lights...

Heather said...

You guys should have won last night!