Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Treats Exchange

This past Sunday, my roommate Katie and I hosted a Christmas treats exchange. Our second party at the house, I once again realized the kind of planning that goes into it. I mean duh, right? But other than showers, I haven't done much hosting. I wanted to just go crazy on the Christmas decor, but we kept it simple and thanks to Katie's last-minute creativity, I think our mantle looked fantastic!



I had been eyeing those glass mosaic trees at Target for well over a week, and I'm glad I finally snatched them {on my third visit!}. We picked up the vases for $1/each at Goodwill, filled them with pine and cranberries floating in water and topped the cranberries with votives. I honestly love it, although part of me wishes I had gone with the larger trees.

Katie's sister came over and helped us prepare. I spent Thanksgiving with their family, and they really know how to throw things together and help around the house! :)


We also threw some clementines in a bowl for our coffee table. Nice and simple.



I'm not sure people realized they could help themselves to the candy dish, but I'm almost glad they didn't. A full bowl is much prettier than an empty one. :) I bought these candies while in Williamsburg, because they remind me of my grandma.


I passed up a day of wine tasting in Virginia and spent Saturday baking up a storm. Initially disappointed to miss a birthday celebration, I really enjoyed having all day to follow recipe directions and not feel rushed!

I decided to bake two kinds of made-from-scratch cupcakes . .


. . both involving peppermint, of course.


Peppermint Cupcakes
{with cream cheese frosting, white chocolate shavings, and peppermints on top}


Peppermint Patty Cupcakes
{with patties hidden inside brownie cupcakes and dark chocolate ganache on top - Can someone say rich?}


Katie's sister whipped up one of my Christmas favorites. We call them hopscotches at my grandma's house.


Katie made delicious homemade fudge and the best apple cider I've ever had.



And The Girl brought some yummy Christmas cupcakes!
{yellow cake with cream cheese frosting}


We threw some fake presents under the tree and hosted {what I think was} a great party!



Anonymous said...

Yum! I'm hungry now!

Saara said...

lovely pictures!!! i get in a so good mood!!!

my life is brilliant said...

Great pictures! The food looks so delicious!

Mom said...

Love the mantle! All the decor actually. The goodies look great. What did she call the "hopscotches"?

smita said...

yum! everything looks beautiful and delicious! hope you enjoyed the cupcakes! i like how you decorated them! i did the same!

pinksundrops said...

When did your photography get so amazing?! Your photos are really beautiful!