Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

See that outfit? A black blazer with a green blouse underneath (+skinny jeans and black boots)? It was my Christmas Eve outfit. I got to wear it three days in a row!

My fears about not making it home for Christmas . . came true.

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in Detroit this year, stuck halfway between D.C. and Omaha . . without my luggage.

But God took care of me.

The Girl was there visiting her family, and they took me in.

I had a lovely time with them, and I flew home to Nebraska the day after Christmas.

My family waited to unwrap gifts, and our celebrations with cousins had even been postponed due to the blizzard.

Today I'm watching movies with my niece (Sophia-4) and nephew (Micah-6). Maybe I can convince them to bake a treat after this?
Hope you had merry Christmases!!


The Girl said...

Loved having you - but very glad you are home! Christmas 2010 just won't be the same!! ;)

my life is brilliant said...

You always have the most optimistic view of things!

SO glad you were able to make it there, and so glad you were with close friends during your delay. How sweet of your family to wait to open gifts!!!

You are a very lucky girl, but you definitely deserve it!

Saara said...

really cute pictures :)