Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Wish List

It is December 18th, and I am done shopping. A Christmas miracle!
I had a very successful evening at the mall Wednesday night, and I'm happy to say that I feel good about everything I'm giving. It really can become so stressful to find the perfect gift and stay on budget. I had a couple of fun, unique ideas that had to be tossed out the window, because sadly, they were just too expensive. I've been loving Etsy this past year, but handmade can certainly come with a hefty pricetag. And understandably so.
I've been loving the gift guides being posted all over the interweb, so I thought I would post one of my own. I actually only gave family members 3 ideas this Christmas, but if I really sit down and think about it, I can come up with plenty more! I really think I must be the easiest person to shop for. It seems I can walk into just about any store and find something I love. Well, almost.
This year I've been slightly {or more than slightly - just ask my roommates} obsessed with antlers. It's super trendy, I know, but I want a pair! I would really prefer them in white, but these are lovely, too. Not only cute, but practical!

Basically anything from Anthro. Anything! I die every time I walk in there. Example: their lovely dessert plates. I love dessert, and I love their plates. Maybe I should collect them?

Anthro Paint-by-Number Dessert Plate

I think it's about time I invested in an apron since I actually spend time in the kitchen every so often. This one is very pretty.

Anthro 3-D Toile Apron

I'm still plugging along with my room decor {and basically I still have done nothing}, and I'd love to use these curtains. I'd just need to decide between gray and ivory.

UO Waterfall Ruffle Curtain

I really enjoy design books, although I only own a couple. I just read a great review for Downtown Chic, which confirms what I orginally suspected - I would love it and need to have it! :)

Downtown Chic: Designing Your Dream Home

My feet are always freezing at home, but I'd love something cozier than plain old socks. These moccasins would be perfect!

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

While I'm thinking about things to put on my feet, I should also mention these ankle booties. It's a trend that I'm loving right now, but I just need to find the perfect pair for the right price. These are lovely, but very expensive.

Pour La Victoire "Brenda" Booties

In reality, I want for absolutely nothing, but it is fun to look at pretty things and occasionally find them in your closet or on your shelf.

Well, I'm off to Durham, North Carolina to see a dear friend get married this weekend on the Duke University campus.

Have a productive and fun weekend before Christmas!


Anonymous said...

ok so i LOVE the gray curtains...and its soo funny that you maybe want to collect anthro dessert plates...because every time i go in there i have wanted to do the same thing...i told ry a long time ago how much i love their plates/dishes, etc. and how fun it would be to collect them since dessert is a favorite. great minds think alike! miss you and can't wait to see you in LESS than a week! WAHOOOOOO!!!

The Girl said...

Oh man I'm in love with the gray curtains. You KNOW how I feel about gray!

It is THE perfect neutral - nothing better in my humble opinion:)