Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Updates

Today marks Day 3 of being alone in the office. Five more days to go!

I hope my colleagues never come back. Kidding! But it really has been nice to have peace and quiet here, doing my work uninterrupted and being free to sing along to my iPod if I so choose. :)

I thought working alone might allow me to leave especially early, but my days have still been pretty full, and I haven't worked less than eight.

This weekend, my roommate and I are hosting a treats exchange party at our home. I know these are usually called cookie exchanges, but let's be honest, there are so many other treats that are better than cookies, so why limit yourself? I, personally, am hoping to make some cupcakes, as well as a favorite childhood Christmas treat called hopscotches.

I'm realizing just how much cleaning needs to get done before this Sunday party, so I fully intend to stay home tonight and get started!

In home decor news, I finally purchased a bed frame! I'm a long ways away from posting pictures of my bedroom, but it will be a major improvement to not have my box spring and mattress on the floor! I even got the salesperson to take $10 off the frame! It never hurts to ask.

I hope to post pictures of my bathroom soon (that is, if you even care to see}!

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