Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Days

Capitol snow
{Photo courtesy of a friend.}

Remember how I said my neighbor kids deserved a decent snow?

Well, they certainly got one this weekend. It was the biggest snowfall in the D.C. area since 1909 apparently!


I experienced a scare on the drive down to Durham with friends on Friday in a few moments of sliding down the icy highway with absolutely zero control. Praise the Lord we didn't hit anything!

The North Carolina snow melted almost immediately and only accumulated an inch or so anyway.

But back in Northern Virginia, it was snowing all weekend, with over 16 inches piled up when I returned. My ride couldn't even drive down my street to drop me off! We got terribly stuck even attempting it.


The man in blue up ahead in this picture was carrying my suitcase right to my front door, so I could focus on not slipping in my traction-less cowboy boots!

My snowed-in roommates were waiting inside with pancakes and cheesy eggs. We put on our boots and snowpants and headed outside to shovel and play.




Yet, even after 3 hours of shoveling, the roommates were not convinced they could make it down the street. And one day later, we're still awaiting the snow plow. The poor mailman is stuck on our hill as I write.

Thank goodness for my four-wheel drive! And for government closings!


my life is brilliant said...

I'm jealous (kind of -- after all, I didn't have to shovel ANYTHING ... but I didn't get to play, either)!

It looks so fun! And that was really nice of your friend to deliver your suitcase for you. :) I can't believe you guys got so much snow! We just had barely enough to almost cover the ground (with the grass poking through). We're too close to the coast.

smita said...

You got to enjoy your 4WD for the first time! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did earlier this year! Merry Christmas L!