Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Skins Game

2009 was a bad year to decide to cheer for the Redskins. I've always been a college football-only girl, but living in a city with a professional team, I thought it was high time I got into the NFL. I would cheer for the Washington Redskins, of course.

But it never really happened. It may have been easier if the team was having a good year, but nearly every game has been painful to watch. I'm all about loyalty when it comes to teams, but who begins cheering for someone awful? You have to fall in love with a team first, and losing doesn't win my love.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to win tickets to one of their biggest games of the season, as they played the Giants on Monday night. Our seats were great, too.

skins vs.giants

I took my roommate Katie, who also had never seen them play.


It was freezing. They were terrible. But it was still fun.

Especially when I held a pull-up for 36 seconds during half-time and won a Marines lanyard.




Katherine said...

yay! thanks for taking me! i had so much fun, even though it was cold and the skins lost. we should do it again when it's warm! i miss you!

Brett G said...

You'll figure it out. You suffered through some tough Husker years. I'm a Chiefs fan, so I know all too well about bad years.

However, there are a bunch of teams nearby, so pick a different team to start with. Why not Baltimore or Philly? I mean, hey - the left tackle for Baltimore was in that movie, the Blindside. Good story, good story! (basically, redskins suck, so just give up now before you're on a permanent let down)

my life is brilliant said...

Go you! That's awesome!

You got some great pictures! The one of you and your roomie is definitely a framer!!!