Monday, December 22, 2008

They Just Keep Coming

In lieu of putting a little creative thought into my work product, I've written yet another round of haikus!! If you're lucky (or unlucky rather), I'll keep this up all week long, every time I sit down at a computer, because it's like a crazy new addiction. I may never write a regular blog post again!

What’s out of control?
The haiku-writing, but I
Just can’t help myself

I am daydreaming
Of flying home in three hours
Can’t focus on work

My parents’ living room in
My mind, fun daydream

Keep the deep blue chairs
But lose the outdated couch
That would be Step 1

Home interiors
I’ve always had an interest
Just like my Grandma

Poor Gram is sick now
I can’t wait to give her hugs
And say I love you

Please Midwest Airlines
Be on time for once this year
And give me cookies!

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