Saturday, December 06, 2008

Friday Night

It's 1:20am, and I am baking cookies.

The ladies' church brunch is tomorrow morning, and I'm determined to go. Too often I opt out of events where I could meet more like-minded women and be encouraged and challenged by time together. Instead of always asking myself what I plan to do every weekend, I should be asking the Lord what He thinks. How would He have me prioritize my life? I don't think He'd tell me to skip the brunch and hit the gym. I'm not saying that's never ok to do, I'm . . . you know what I'm saying. It's good to look at the way I'm spending my time and money and ask myself if I'm really investing in eternal things. It can be a tough question to ask.

I hit the downtown holiday market tonight, and it was exactly what I imagined it would be. Pretty lights and tents with handmade goodies, like jewelry and Peruvian scarves and photographs and hand-painted ornaments and toasted almonds. I didn't have much time to wander around, so I hope to go back soon.

KC (my best D.C. friend) and I stopped at little carryout place for delicious sandwiches, mine being thickly-sliced roast beef on a Kaiser roll (and dipped in ketchup). It's places like that, where you can duck in and grab a great bite to eat, that make me love it here so much.

The basketball game was fun, although I can't understand why some people pay $100/ticket. Fortunately I got a half-price deal from a guy whose wife was thinking the same thing I was (Who spends that much??!!) and made him get rid of them. I took my new Nikon D60 along with the zoom lens and got a few mid-air shots of Kobe. I also enjoyed a waffle twist cone at half time. It's nice to have friends who are always up for the same things you are. :)

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