Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Things will be a bit different this Christmas. We'll open presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning, since my married siblings are holiday-splitting. We'll postpone the Christmas turkey until Saturday in hopes that Grandma will be home from the hospital. We'll have Christmas Eve service at home rather than church. We'll sit around the fire at Grandma's knowing it will be probably be the last time, since she plans to sell the house my grandpa built in the coming months.

But we'll all be together, enjoying one another and celebrating JESUS. Things change, but He never does.

I am so thankful that God revealed Himself to us through His Son - my Savior, my Lord, my Best Friend, the Healer of my heart, my Provider, my Protector, my Comforter, my Everything.



Anonymous said...

Have a Merry Christmas L!

mikeO said...

I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have enjoyed reading you since almost the beginning. Continue to have a great life! You appear to be a marvelous person.

cady said...

i hope you had a great christmas and a great time with your family!

my life is brilliant said...

Such a wonderful way to look at things!

Merry Christmas!