Monday, December 01, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving notes

Hello, hello! I am here, alive and breathing, having not posted for over 10 days. Unbelievable!

I didn't even leave town for the holiday! (I stayed here in D.C. with Cousin J, his wife and kids. His brother (my other cousin-obvi), and his wife and kids flew up from Houston.)

I've been dog/house-sitting for the past week, and I'm about to go organize my room with a $20 bookcase from IKEA. Score!

I just bought a Nikon D60 that I'm in love with. The buyer's remorse only lasted for a few hours.
Then I took some pictures and got over it.

What a pretty Thanksgiving table, no?
Waldo, the turkey, was delicious! More delicious than Hermie II was last year down in Houston. Green beans, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, a salad with dijon/lemon juice dressing (made by me), and garlic mashed potatoes. So basically, I ate the same things you did. And I was really disappointed when no one went back for seconds! Which obviously meant that I couldn't, so instead I just sat there finishing my red wine with only a mostly full, not completely stuffed, tummy. I should've put more on my plate to begin with! We had pumpkin and pecan pies from Dean and DeLuca, but they can't touch Texas pecan pie. As my cousin says "In Texas, that's what they do." I think I need to go back next year.
And we ended the evening with football. Food, family, and football. Does life get better?


steve and randel hambrick said...

WHAT??!?!?!?! you don't go back for seconds if no one else does? girlfriend! you need to lead the way! i pride myself on seconds and thirds on holidays. when else do you get such an amazing buffet of choices and homecooked food?
my assignment for you: to lead the way back to the table at christmas. ok?

k said...

i think i ate more during the leftovers dinner the next day than on actual thanksgiving! is it awful for me to admit that i really don't like thanksgiving food?!?