Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carrying On

The part I dread most about traveling: carry-ons. Because mine are never few, and Im incapable of traveling light. This Christmas its about to get worse. Not only do I need my big purse, which gets stuffed in my tote (full of iPod, books and magazines), I carry the MacBook in my computer case . . and now I have the big camera. And a winter coat. So annoying!

Please, tell me . . what do you carry on? Is there some way I could/should lighten my load?!


inthetweeds.com said...

I'm an excessive carryon-er too...but 6 months of travel for work taught me to take the basics, and either pack or leave at home the extras! Like...do you really need all 10 Domino mags? Maybe 1-2 to tide you through the flight, and pack the rest for leafing through over Christmas. Same goes for books! And - this is a good one - try packing the big purse in your checked luggage and instead carry the basics (wallet, gloss, phone, iPod) in a clutch in your tote? Don't forget to wear easy to slip on and off flats!

s said...

you should see my bag for texas. i'm actually carrying on a rolling suitcase for the first time ever(so we just check one bag). 15 bucks a bag gets expensive.i usually bring a book, magazines, ipod, computer, and kinitting stuff (when i get away with it, but i can't tell you how many pairs of knitting needles that jfk has). i'm a horrible over packer.

pinksundrops said...

I usually leave most of the contents of my purse at home, keeping only my thinned out wallet. I put my actual purse in my suitcase and put the wallet in my backpack, then I put my cash, tickets, and id in an accessible pocket on the top. It clears out one item that's hard to keep track of at an airport any way (the purse).

If you're carrying a suitcase on instead of checking it you could put the coat in there just before you board the plane as well.

Good luck, I'm pretty sure there's a science for this depending on what you're doing and where you're going.

k said...

i try to carry on as little as possible, especially when i am travelling alone and have no one to watch my stuff when i go to the bathroom or go get food. i pack my coat in my checked bag and don't bring my computer - just bring mom and dad's when i get home.