Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lake of the Woods

I'm dog-sitting for one "dirty dog" as we referred to him yesterday when he consistently went after and violated the other male dog at the BBQ. Gross, just gross.

Mel and I picked up Murphy (the black lab I'm looking after for a few days) and drove for two and half hours to get to the party that was just an hour south of our city. Terrible terrible traffic. But once we arrived, there was much fun to be had. We were hanging out with QGP and his friends again. I hadn't seen QGP since last summer, but his friends were nice enough to think of me and invite me to the BBQ at their lovely lake home surrounded by a beautiful wooded area.

We ate yummy pork loin sandwiches, Chili's chips and salsa, and a few other side dishes while we played Cornhole, ping pong, and threw the football around. I met several new people who were equally as fun as QGP's other friends, including another Nebraskan like me and QGP. After relaxing on the deck for a few hours, we moved the group to the sand volleyball court near the beautiful lake and played a game in the dark. The evening ended with triple chocolate brownies and milk followed by several karaoke songs on the big screen. It wasn't your usual round of karaoke, though. Picture at least seven people in the middle of the floor singing along and imitating the music video dance moves while the rest of the gang observed from the couches.

The tentative plan had been to stay the night and do some boating the next day, but Mel had to get back home so we headed out at 1:30am. I'm confident we'll get another invite, though. Boating is definitely in our future this summer.

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my life is brilliant said...

I have so been wanting to go to the lake lately, but it won't stop raining here. And ER is out of town, and she's the one with the boat.

But now I'm also totally craving Chili's chips and salsa. I love that stuff!