Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The first 24 hours

Sister picked me up from the airport, a Runza sack in hand filled with crinkle fries and a cheeseburger. It felt so good to be home. Though I was home just 10 days ago, it was a whirlwind. A beautiful, fun, happy whirlwind, but a whirlwind nonetheless. On this trip home, I can relax.

Sister and I drove across town to visit Cousin Joy and have our hair cut. Every day for the past month I've despised my hair. Every day except yesterday, the day I could actually have it cut. Yesterday it looked amazing. Day old hair, thick and full of shine. Loose curls posing as perfect waves. But I reminded myself that the hair needed a change. The hair was bor-ing. So I asked for bangs and thinner hair. Today I love it. Yesterday I loved it. But I've yet to style it on my own, and that is always the issue. Does it look good when YOU do it?

Sister and I met another cousin for dinner at a Mongolian grill and ice cream at C0ld Stone. Dinner changed my life. I would gladly eat at that very restaurant every day from here on out. So incredibly delicious! All-I-Could-Eat meats and noodles and veggies with sauces. I filled my plate three times.

I met Shae today for lunch and what we do best - shopping. She is my Fashion Friend. When I'm having doubts about an outfit, I call Shae. When I can't decide which shoes to wear, I call Shae. It's been hard on us living so far apart because there can be no modeling. No "Does this make me look fat?" No "Is this worth $50?" And no "Come over and help me decide what to keep and what to return." But tonight we were able to do all three. And spending time like that with her and with other friends - it makes me feel like I never moved, like I don't live 1500 miles away, and like I could come back at any time and everything would be the same.

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