Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Since New Girl left, Em has become my favorite friend at work, a ‘promotion’ that came as no surprise to me. Em is the SoCal girl who brought her ‘biscuit slang’ to the East Coast. When she says OMG, she really says O.M.G.!, always wanting to shorten her words, sounding ditzy when she’s far from it. My vocabulary has been expanded to not only include the word ‘peeps’ but also ‘gnarly’ and ‘scuse’. After all, why say ‘excuse me’ when ‘scuse’ is so much easier?

Em and I don’t restrict our fun to business hours. We get together at least a few times a month outside of work, too, whether it be at the grocery store, by the pool, roaming the mall, or whatever else suits our fancy. She is so much fun, and whatever it is I’m doing, she’s at the top of my invite-along list.

Just as Em moved upstairs during the workspace re-arrange, I was moved back down (to the most quiet, boring corner of the office). But thank goodness for IM and Afternoon Delights. Every once in awhile, if we’re having a slow day (on the same day), we’ll make the two-block trek to McDonald’s for a yummy 150-calorie cone. Em calls it Afternoon Delight. It was Friday Afternoon Delight, but it’s been known to also be Thursday Afternoon Delight and sometimes even Monday.

It’s been too long since we’ve taken one of those delightful trips down the street, so today on her birthday I brought her a Birthday Afternoon Delight. But it wasn’t McDonald’s. A McD’s cone on her birthday just wouldn’t be delightful enough. Instead we celebrated with Haagen-Dazs. Em grabbed her plateful of fresh brownies from her birthday-decorated workspace and we sat in the lunchroom, just the two of us, gabbing and sharing the pint. One bite of brownie, one bite of ice cream, one bite of brownie, one bite of ice cream.

Happy Birthday Em! I’m delighted to call you my friend!


miss j said...

how fun. her slang sounds an awful lot like my sister-in-law's. i agree, it does make one sound ditsy even if they are not so. i'm glad you've found another friend in your office -- they make going to work every day so much easier.

cady said...

it must be so much fun to have such a good friend at work! i wish i did...i bet it makes work much more fun!