Monday, July 30, 2007

The Wonderful that was my Weekend

Despite two unwonderful things taking place, my weekend was absolutely wonderful. BFF and her husband just moved back to his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, and I flew up to visit them and celebrate at their second wedding reception.

On Friday, I drove for two and a half hours in traffic to get to the Baltimore airport, a drive that usually takes 45 minutes. I rushed into the terminal a bundle of nerves thinking for sure I’d miss my flight only to learn that it was delayed four hours. I was mainly upset because I had no idea exactly how I would bide my time. At first I hoped to make a new friend at gate A4, and I walked back and forth, looking up and down the rows for someone who appeared friendly. Eventually I recognized the opportunity as one that could best be spent reading the first Harry Potter book. I’m way behind I know, but I’ve only just decided that I can’t bear to be left out of the Harry Potter Fan Club anymore.

When BFF, her husband, and his friend picked me up at the Manchester airport, we drove straight home and went right to bed. It was nearly 1:30 in the morning.

The next day, seven of us piled into the SUV for a day trip up the coast of Maine. BFF’s parents and her grandmother were visiting from Nebraska, as well as Ry’s friend. It made for a full car, but also a lot of laughs. We stopped first in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire for Sal’s greasy gigantic pizza slices and continued up the coast as we snacked on cinnamon taffy and fudge. We stopped in a couple of quaint little towns to shop and take pictures . . and buy more taffy. Our final destination was Kennebunkport, the most adorable town of all. We stopped at a darling hotel, Maine Stay, to ask for directions to the Bush compound, Walker’s Point, and when we arrived it was more amazing than I could’ve imagined. The American and Texas flags let us know the President was there along with the secret service vehicles that were parked near the gate. On the ride home, we pulled into Billy’s Chowder House for calamari, bacon-wrapped scallops, Billy’s famous lobster rolls, seafood samplers, crabcakes and . . a hot dog for Grandma Bern. And it wouldn’t be a typical dinner with her family without dessert . . this time, the Brownie Delight. Soft, warm brownie hidden beneath mounds of homemade ice cream and hot fudge. We could do nothing but sit on the living room couch after a dinner like that.

Sunday was reception #2, a casual party in the groom’s parents’ backyard. The pool was open for swimming and large tents were set up with tables. Yellow and white were the floral centerpieces and balloons. More bacon-wrapped scallops were passed around, along with deviled eggs as appetizers. Steak tips, hamburgers, and chicken were devoured by everyone, along with fruit, pasta salad, and vegetables. Nearly 200 people mingled and enjoyed the shade of the tents as the jazz music played in the background.

Soon it was nearly time for me to catch my flight back home. But Ryan’s friend, who had driven their furniture out in his trailer, was heading the same direction by truck. And a road trip sounded much more fun than a boring old plane ride. So I hopped in the passenger seat and rode ten hours home.

In that ten hours, we nearly ran out of gas (0 miles to empty and sputtering on diesel with a huge trailer in the back), nearly peed our pants (apparently Connecticut doesn’t have rest stops or public bathrooms), and drove all the way down Broadway through the Bronx and Manhattan at 2:30am. Coolest thing ever. Central Park, Eiffel Tower, Times Square, Greenwich Village, Chelsea Pier . . and we were nearly the only car on the road. Seeing all those neighborhoods again made me want to visit New York again really soon.

He dropped me off at the airport, and I drove 90 minutes home, dressed for work in 10 and have been running on four hours of sleep all day. Shortly after parting ways, I realized I had left my Blackberry in his truck. (Unwonderful thing #2.) I now have no phone. And the poor guy has to mail it to me. I feel terrible.

Tonight is the big night. I’ll pick a roommate. One more girl to meet. And it’s EB’s going away party, too. I don’t know what I’ll do without her . . her cheery voice, her animation, our conversations, our bagel and ice cream runs (not at the same time, of course). She will be missed. Even more than my Blackberry.

*Pictures are on their way!


k said...

i'm going to the maine coast in a few weeks too! i'm really excited. i'll have to check out the places you mentioned!

cady said...

sounds like a fun trip despite the unwonderful events. i love kennebunkport. my aunt/uncle and grandparents used to live there, and we'd go up every summer. we especially loved the l.l. bean outlet. :) good luck with picking the roommate...i know you'll make the right choice.

Alyssa said...

you always have such great fun! I love it and love to hear all your stories! Good luck on the roommate situation!

my life is brilliant said...

What an awesome trip! I'm so jealous!

And glad to see that pictures are coming. I was going to bug you about that! :)