Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'll be smiling when I go to bed tonight from the . .

Most wonderful day ever!

Boating all day with QGP and his friends was perfection. As many of you know, my absolute favorite thing to do is go boating on the lake, so despite my injury and no wakeboarding or skiing, it was incredible to just sit on the boat with the wind in my face as the sun sparkled on the water. I don't think there's anything better.

I brought Em with me, a girl who can appreciate the water like I do because she's grown up boating on the Colorado River and San Diego Bay. The girl really wowed us all with her crazy wakeboarding skills. She put the boys to shame and was giving them quite a few pointers.

When we arrived (after 2 1/2 hours of awful traffic), the boys had sandwiches made for us with our names written on the plastic bags. Mine with mayo, Em's with mustard - how cute. We turned up the tunes in the boat and took off across the 17-mile lake. We stopped to jump in and play catch for awhile, and I decided I was ok to tube with Em (as long as I kept the brace on). I'm glad I didn't have to miss out on all the activities.

I finally felt comfortable enough to pull out the camera to capture these fun memories, but I'd forgotten to bring it on the boat!

Just as I suspected, neither Em nor I were ready to leave when the boating was done, but we'd each made other plans for the evening. Grilling out and not showering sounded so much better!

I'm hoping we can go again very soon. It's certainly motivation for me to do my knee exercises!


k said...

will you please give me hints on how to meet boys with boats!

my life is brilliant said...

That sounds so fun! And I can't believe the guys had sandwiches made for you, in baggies and everything! What awesome guys!