Friday, July 20, 2007

Apparently I Rock!

Wow! Cady gave me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. What a fantastic compliment!

This is why she thinks I rock :) :

laura at love this life: laura does what her title suggests. she loves life and lets us read all about it. she also loves her family, who she recently moved away from, and her friends. i love reading about all the fun and crazy times she has, and i love how she loves to post pictures. oh, and laura lives in d.c. now, which is near where i used to live in maryland, so i can reminisce when i read her d.c./maryland-centered posts.

Again, thank you to Cady! My job now is to give the award to five more bloggers who rock. The problem is that I only read the blogs of people who rock. So if your name is on that sidebar there, I think you are pretty awesome. Actually, even if your name is not there, I might read your blog but have been too lazy to ever add you to the list.

All that being said, [rubbing my hands together out of excitement] I would like to give the award to:

Pink Sun Drops: Pink doesn’t know this but she got me hooked on blogs. Her cute page and “100 Things”, “Layers of Pink” etc – I devoured it all and kept coming back for more. Pink is my age but in a completely different place in life as a wife and mother to two adorable boys who used to be known as “Big Guy” and “Little Guy”. She has done some homeschooling and made learning so much fun for her children – something I really admire. In a world that says “it’s all about you”, she honors the Lord by putting her husband and children before herself. Oh! and I will never forget that she introduced me to her wonderful cousin in San Diego who I attended church and hung out with during my time there.

K at Misadventures of K: K is a blogger I have had the pleasure of actually meeting in person. She is Miss Independent of Seattle. She’s done a lot of traveling by herself (something I could never do) and takes advantage of all her city has to offer. A very smart girl, she headed back to school last year to further her engineering education and hopes to teach someday. Her only flaw is that she doesn’t blog enough anymore! :)

Miss J at Livin’ La Vida Dolce: Miss J is in the process of making a move from Southern California back to the Midwestern city of Tulsa (yay for the Midwest!) She is fabulous at hosting parties and putting trendy outfits together. I love hearing the latest about everything from her dog, Dolce, to her and her husband’s plan to re-vamp their sk@ting rink.

Steph@nie at Greek Tr@gedy: Can I give an award to an already-famous blogger? I just love the way Stephanie writes. And her pictures? She’s an amazing photographer. She talks about memories like they happened yesterday, making them come alive again. Her little “beans” as she calls them are so adorable. And I love that she lives in Austin, but is totally a New Yorker at heart.

Morgan and Mama Loves Papa: Morgan is such an inspiration to me. She is living out her faith in such a beautiful way. She's a wonderful wife and mom as well as a discipler of several women. Because she knows God so intimately, He has given her a heart to intercede for others and care for them with His love. She is regularly seeing God move and heal hearts and nothing excites me more than that!


pinksundrops said...

Aw this makes me cry!

That rocks that you got hooked on blogs by reading mine. I have SO much fun reading yours. I so need to do my girl bloggers that rock post.

PS I can't wait to see my cousin!!! I think you've seen her more recently than I! I'm sooooo excited to see her next month!

miss j said...

how sweet are you! thank you!

k said...

oh thanks! i really am trying to blog more, i promise!