Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Fireworks Show

At the lake, the day of the Fireworks Show is a big day. It is the day that most lake residents throw their Independence Day parties. The smell of fired-up grills and the sound of Black Jacks fill the air. Kids pop their 'poppers', adults mingle with their friends, and boats race around the lake until dusk.

I love the feeling when I cross the bridge and see the cars parked along the narrow road leading from one end of the island to the other, about a mile long. The flags line the neatly mowed lawns of over 100 lake houses. And as I near the end of the road, I see the only house I care about. Grandma's house. I pull into the long drive and park behind the van and SUV that brought my cousins from Indiana and Texas. I can't wait to see my family. And I'm sure to run into old classmates from high school roaming the street as well.

On our side of the island, across the lake a crew of people hang a large American flag and spend hours setting up the fireworks to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen and various country artists that blare from their speakers and provide entertainment for homes close enough to enjoy the music. At 7pm, the boat parade goes by. Red, white, and blue decorations cover pontoon boats that choose to participate as they circle the island hoping for cheers and praise that theirs was most creative. As the clock nears 9:30, glow sticks are hung around necks and seats are found on yard or beach. The show is about to begin. And what a show it is. Half an hour of spectacular fireworks of all kinds, patriotic music playing in the background, whistles and cheers for favorite explosions or bursts of color that haven't been seen before. Ooh and aahs and clapping fill the air. I lie on my back with cousins on either side and am happier there than any day I will ever spend in Washington D.C. And it's not even the 4th of July yet!


my life is brilliant said...

What a fun night! You make me want to go to Nebraska now!

s said...

there is no place like home! and your home seems esp. fun.