Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week

This week is already over. Two days until I am back in Nebraska for an entire week. A week of hugs, pictures, food, sun, and being by the water. The 4th of July is like Christmas with my family . . so being in the nation's capital just isn't my top choice. Maybe next year.

Aunt and Uncle were in town recently. Cousin J's mom and dad. They came to see their grandchildren, Walker and Mary Michael. I was invited over Monday evening for a delicious Tuscan dinner on the patio. K is such a good cook. I will see Aunt and Uncle back in Nebraska next week, but seeing someone in your city is special. They didn't see my apartment. They didn't see the awesome view from my roof. But they saw me. Me in my city.

Last week I tidied my desk, making sure it was neat as could be, stacking papers, putting things in their place and hanging a new crimson bulletin board and my United States map on the walls. I knew Uncle might stop by while I was away (in Nebraska), and I couldn't let him (as tidy as he is) see my mess! My hunch was right, and I found a note on my marker board when I returned. He signed it "Love Uncle S____" and left his business card. Cute. And I thanked myself for cleaning up before he came.

I'm going for dessert tonight. It won't be the first time this week. If I worked out tonight it would be for the first time in two weeks. Usually I try to keep some kind of healthy proportion between the two. If I did then I could be surprised if I gained weight. I wouldn't be shocked at this point.

The girl at Gifford's (you know, my favorite ice cream place) is one of my favorite people now. She gave BSG and me 2-for-1 coupons the other day. On Wednesday I forgot mine but she remembered me and gave me the discount anyway. That is how to become one of my favorite people. Remember me or give me free ice cream. Do both and I will love you forever.

My weekend is looking fun before it's even started. I won't say what I'm up to, because if something fell through I'd have to take it back and that is no fun at all. I will give you hints though: food, sun, fun people, a dog, and a body of water. I'm hoping the body of water doesn't end up being the apartment pool. We'll find out soon enough.


Heather said...

How sweet she remembered you!

LindsayBlake said...

breakfast at mimi's?!