Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 23rd keeps getting closer

Veggie burgers.

This is what I'm eating to cut calories in an effort to look my best for BFF's wedding in sixteen days! No more excuses. I must do some type of exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY until then. I want as little armpit fat as possible hanging over that strapless dress. Not to mention the fact that she had to go and schedule a day at the lake as part of the weekend festivities. Of course I'm thrilled! It's my favorite thing to do! But it means me in a bathing suit amongst quite a few people. A bikini wax is sounding like a really smart idea right now.

As the wedding weekend draws nearer, I'm learning more and more that party planning is! If I had loads of money, it would be even more fun! BFF's lingerie shower and bachelorette party are only two weeks away, and I can't wait to celebrate with everyone. I'm getting closer to having every detail sorted out. I can picture everything in my head. Except for the toast. That picture in my head is not a good picture. It's me fidgeting. It's me trying to make a joke and . . silence. Like that scene in "Wedding Crashers". Not good. It's me lifting my glass in the air "To BFF and the Groom" and spilling my drink down the front of my dress as I take a drink. I've always said "I like giving speeches" (although I know this isn't a 'speech'). "Being up in front of people doesn't make me nervous." But I'm beginning to think that I LIE. I'll find out soon enough.


my life is brilliant said...

Turkey burgers are good too! :)

I bet it is nerve-wracking giving a toast, but I'm sure you'll do awesome. Just don't call the bride and groom vain, and you'll be okay. (Obviously you've seen the movie, so that should make sense.)

Heather said...

You will do fine...I thought I would be a nervous wreck at my sister's. I cried a lot but I didn't make a complete fool out my self...well I guess once I watch the video I will know.