Saturday, June 09, 2007

So little time

To a co-worker on Friday: "I wish today was Thursday. I have so much work to do and calls to make but now Friday is over, and I can't do it."

Co-worker: "This isn't the right thing to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. . . You are now fully integrated into the team."

Fridays are supposed to be laid back, a wind-down from a long week, a preparation for the weekend. But many times mine are just as crazy as the four days leading up to them. Yesterday was one of those days.

Because I rarely let myself get stressed, irritated or anything other than laid back and happy, people can easily notice when I'm having a tough day. They can even sense it over IM.

Co-worker over IM: Are you ok? Is there anything I can do? You're upset.

So I'm glad Friday is over, but only sort of. Because come Monday when I have no progress to report in my 9am meeting, it's not going to look good. Even though there's nothing I could've done to change that, apart from supernaturally adding hours to the day, excuses can't be made. Another instance of "So much to do and so little time."

So as soon as the clock said 5:45, I threw my hands in the air and headed to Happy Hour for a glass of wine and a game of Golden Tee. After fourteen holes, Em and I decided to go get tapas at La T@sca. Spanish tortilla, potatoes with green peppers and onions, paella with seafood and chicken, and meatballs in a spicy sauce. And you know I didn't skip dessert: vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate nougat sauce.

Too exhausted to meet friends for a movie, roomie EB and I watched Jerry Seinfeld stand-up and were in bed by 11pm.

Today I was up by 8am. I'm off to the pool for some sun and a church BBQ this afternoon!

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my life is brilliant said...

Oh, I HATE it when Fridays are hectic! At the job I (happily) left in January, Mondays were slow, Tuesdays picked up by the afternoon, Wednesdays were pretty busy, Thursdays were crazy and Fridays were nonstop all day, and we even had to stay late sometimes. In a perfect world, it would be exactly opposite.

Good job for ending the day with great food and dessert!