Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ice cream run, etc.

Forget the burger. I went straight for the ice cream last night. I chose strawberry (very uncharacteristic of me), because it FELT healthier. I mean, there were REAL strawberries in there. How can that not be healthier?

After ice cream, I ran errands with bedroommate EB. I went to pick up a gift at the mall that was supposed to be ready a WEEK ago and was still not done - grr. We wandered into Lindt Chocolates and bought some mint truffles for my chocolate fix (only to find out later that they were a bit cheaper at Target). As it always goes at Target, I went there for napkins and found myself dropping a huge armload of stuff onto the belt at the register. But it was an armload of many things I forgot I needed, all for the wedding weekend. I always, always play this game at the checkout where I try to guess what the total will be before they ring me up. You know, to soften the blow. Maybe if I guess a little higher, it won't be as painful when they tell me how much I owe. It works . . sort of.

What I'd love to be doing in these posts is getting into the specifics of what I am buying and how shower planning stuff is going, but "Hi BFF, I'm trying to keep this stuff a surprise for you". My biggest worry is that it won't turn out as great as I hope it will or that I'm forgetting something BIG and won't realize it until it's too late.

I did figure out what I want to say to BFF when I stand up in front of EVERYONE. Hope it comes out ok.


pinksundrops said...

It will be beautiful!

By the way my destressor of choice last night and tonight is wine and chocolate. I eat "healthy" chocolate - i.e. Lindt. Because Reese's is just bad for you. hehe

Courtney said...

I cannot leave target without spending $200. Can't be done. I won't even let myself go in there anymore.
I'm better off paying MORE for something elsewhere just to keep the temptation away.

my life is brilliant said...

Dude, I totally justify stuff with fruit in it the same way! I mean, strawberries are totally fruit, and that's healthy.

I'm sure the shower will be awesome. Can't wait to read about it!

Anonymous said...

i love it. i totally play that same target game! and i, too, have decided it's best to overbid. :) -smita