Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baltimore, etc.

Baltimore is much cooler than I thought. Which I suppose isn't saying TOO much since I didn't expect it to be cool at all. But I drove up to visit a friend this weekend and actually stayed in the city for longer than ten minutes. They have a very cute waterfront area, some neat restaurants and cobblestone streets. We ate at a Mediterranean tapas place called exactly what it is, Mezze. And it was delicious! I loved every single dish!

She brought a friend along and because of this we discussed differing opinions on the war and global warming the entire time! No light conversation for us. And I'm not complaining - I really enjoyed it, and I like hearing others' opinions but I LIVE IN WASHINGTON D.C. I breathe politics fifty hours a week, so can we please discuss ANYTHING BESIDES THAT?? He did tell stories about his experience teaching high school in Baltimore's inner-city (which is one of the worst) which was extremely interesting. And I got to tell everyone what I'm passionate about which was nothing that wasn't superficial . . and come to think of it, how shallow must I have seemed? I really am passionate about things other than the things I mentioned . . like JESUS and seeing people's hearts healed and watching people have deeper relationship with Him. Somehow I forgot to mention that.

Maybe I forgot to mention it because I haven't gotten very plugged in at my church yet. And I haven't been seeing people's hearts healed lately. It's not been for lack of trying, but I attend a rather small church (compared to the mega church I attended back home) and there aren't a plethora of activities to be involved in. I'm hoping though that that is about to change.

Saturday morning I went to a women's brunch and met several wonderful women from my church. We ate some delicious food. (I was expecting scones and got muffins, quiche, fruit, fresh tomato and cheese English muffins and other yummy treats.) Then we sat around and told a bit about ourselves and had a devotional learning about women in the Bible who asked God for something, how they asked and how He answered. I'll also be joining a Bible study on the book of Daniel next week.

I made a big decision a few weeks ago to leave a Bible study (with my girlfriends, not through a church) that wasn't challenging me AT ALL, but instead frustrating me. I'm excited about taking this step to join a group that I am confident will press me closer to God and move me out of my comfort zone where I need to be.

After this weekend, I can give another movie review.
"Knocked Up":
Funny - yeeees.
Crude - TOTALLY!
Language - every other word the 'F' word and that is no exaggeration!
Nudity - TWICE and disgusting context at that!
Katherine Heigl -please let me look that cute when I'm pregnant and man, I want to dye my hair a lighter blonde and go shopping now!
Conclusion: R-rated comedies are too much for me! Ew.


k said...

i posted finally!

Heather said...

I wasnt sure I wanted to see that b/c what are we really saying. That is funny to be knocked up after a one night stand. Thanks for helping me clear up I should pass on that movie.