Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Big Day approaches

Tuesday night was the WORST night for Uncle Ken to be in town. My last night to pack and run errands happened to be the only night we could get together. I met him at Au B0n Pain after my life-changing experience with Debbie (see below), and we headed to Julia's Emp@nadas to pick up dinner. Three hours later, I was on the roof of my apartment building trying to drop hints that I NEEDED TO PACK, BIG DAY TOMORROW, so take one last look at the view and PLEASE be on your way!

Wednesday was calmer than expected. I had an event to attend (that I'd helped organize), ends to tie up at work, and there were things at home that I still needed to throw in my suitcase.

A soon as I left the office, I caught a cab to Seph0ra in Ge0rgetown. (Can I just tell you how ironic it is that my last-minute errand was to Seph0ra when I had walked by that store at the mall about FIVE times in the past week!) A quick in-and-out, and I was catching another cab home. I had 20 minutes before cab #3 would pick me up en route to the airport.

The closer it got to flight departure, the sicker I felt.

I popped an Excedrin Migraine (what I do when I'm desperate for caffeine), stuffed a pb&j in my mouth, and threw a little bit of everything into my suitcase.

By the time the cab driver got there, I felt awful. I was a bundle of nerves, and that is SO NOT ME! I phoned BFF and left a message about how excited I was, how sick I felt, and how WAIT A SECOND, why am I telling the BRIDE this?

The cab driver offered some words of wisdom. "Don't tell your friend! You will make it hard for her! You will be fine. It's not like your going to Russia or China."

He was right, but I couldn't shake the nauseousness. I couldn't breathe right. Thank goodness a friend would be sitting right next to me on the flight. And thank goodness we were flying M!dwest!

Within a half hour period of time, I'd tried and failed to use the restroom three times! One of those times was on the plane just minutes before take-off. I located the barf bag in my seat just in case and tried to reassure myself that I'd be fine.

I bowed my head, began to pray and not ten minutes later the sick feeling began to subside. I didn't recover 100%, but I did take the stewardess up on those warm chocolate chip cookies which was a big sign of normalcy.

I was up late working on a couple of things and, although tired this morning, I'm ready to go!

Grandma and I will be putting together some food and dessert before I head to the lingerie shower today. And tonight we'll continue celebrating with a bachelorette party. I just hope that BFF can relax and enjoy every moment. If I'm anxious as the MOH, I can't imagine being the BRIDE!


Liz said...

So glad you're there safely & that you are feeling better! Enjoy the wedding and all the festivities surrounding it. You will have a blast!

Oh, and I can't wait to see how your brows came out... not that I've ever noticed they needed that much work!

Anne said...

You'll be beautiful! You'll have a blast and make memories to talk about for the years to come! Can't wait to see you! Enjoy every moment!!

Heather said...

good luck with the nerves. can't wait to hear about the wedding.

k said...

glad you made it, and could partake in cookie eating. i have had experiences like that - rushing around so much that you get yourself all worked up and sick.

i hope everything goes well! i am sure it will. have fun!

my life is brilliant said...

I'm sure everything will go great. It's cute that you're getting so nervous. Can't wait to see the pictures!