Thursday, June 21, 2007

Work in Progress

"She's funny," Em said of the aesthetician she recommended.

I needed a wax badly, but you can't go to just anyone for these things. We're talking about hair removal, and I needed a pro, someone who came with a reference.

Debbie walked in, exclaimed "Hello" as if she'd known me forever, took one look at my face and said, "I'm going to tell you why your brows are all wrong."

I grabbed the mirror and held it out in front of my face anticipating the critique she was about to give. "Go right ahead!" I said. "I've always thought they needed re-shaping."

"You've got old Jennifer Aniston brows."

"Ew." Jennifer Aniston I can deal with, but I didn't like the word 'old'.

"I'm going to tell you about your face. But before I start, you've got to promise to not get offended. If you had a big nose, I would tell you. You don't, but if you did, I would say so."

"By all means!"

Debbie proceeded to explain why my brows made my face appear the way it did (wide and like my eyes were close together) and how we could go about changing that. It would be a work in progress, but with her help she promised we'd get there.

"I have a wedding this weekend,so how much of a 'work in progress' are we talking about?"

"Oh! You have a wedding! Than we've GOT to do this. Gosh, I love when people come to me with bad brows!"

And I love someone who is enthusiastic about their job! Especially when it makes me look better.


Your big sis...Anne said...

Yikes! She might be honest but a little on the crotchety side. No need to rip your facial features apart. She could have said the same thing w/more tact! I think your adorable the way you are.

Courtney said...

Um, hello! Before and After photos please!

smita said...

so was she good? how was the end result? is she here in my town! i must know... i'd love to be referred so that i can also be a work in progress!

Stacey said...

Oh, how I need someone to work on my brows!! Mine are like straight lines - I think an arch is impossible. I'm so envious!

s said...

haha i had the same experience with my brow lady a few months ago. i hope the wedding festivities go well!

my life is brilliant said...

Wow. She's bold! And I definitely want to see the before and afters!