Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Salads and Limited Portions

I didn’t know I still had this much self-discipline. Enough to give up desserts and alcohol {though I don’t consume much of the latter anyway}, to eat smaller portions, and to make it to the gym at least four times a week.

After wiggling into my skinnies in L.A., I got serious. I want to feel good about myself again – not that I feel terrible, but I know it could be better. Much.

After 2 ½ weeks of lower calorie consumption, including delicious daily salads, fruit for snacks, and intense workouts at the gym . . I have lost 3 pounds, and I can already see a difference in more areas than one. The results of my obsession with push-ups are especially paying off, and I’m motivated to stay committed to my plan.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never wanted to bake cupcakes so badly. Could I bake them without cleaning off the spatula with my tongue? Not a chance.

Surprisingly enough, the Girl Scout Cookies sitting in the pantry don’t really tempt me. I know the inevitable guilt that would follow, and it’s just not worth it.

I should admit that I’ve cheated the tiniest bit by accepting a yummy mimosa at a bridal shower last week, and taking one bite of a red velvet cupcake by Something Sweet at an engagement party. {It’s a cupcake shop I haven’t yet tried.}

And I may or may not have taken a few bites of brownie at a gathering last Saturday. {I also tried venison for the first time, although that wasn’t breaking any rules.}

Despite my occasional give-ins, I’ve been very consistent in maintaining a healthier diet. My roommate Lyn has been a huge help in preparing some delicious salads for our lunches – so delicious that I thought I would share . . because if you’re anything like me, you think salads are typically boring and would take too much time and effort if you were to make them at home. You’re nothing like me? Oh well, I will share anyway . .

Last week's salad:

Mixed greens, tuna salad, cooked and seasoned red skin potatoes, steamed green beans, plum tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, crispy garlic onions, and my new favorite dressing - roasted red pepper vinaigrette (by Annie's Naturals)

First week's salad:

Arugula, shredded rotisserie chicken, steamed asparagus, sliced red peppers, sliced mushrooms, crumbled goat cheese, crispy garlic onions, and again - roasted red pepper vinaigrette

This week's salad:

Mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, peas, carrots, mandarin oranges, rice noodles, and gingery vinaigrette

Can't wait for next week's salad!


pinksundrops said...

*sound* amazing. I am tired and going to bed now :) .

pinksundrops said...

I could live on salads and sandwiches, but regardless, those salads look AHmazing!!! They sound like a lot of work, though. How does she throw it all together quickly?

Cady said...

OMG...I LOVE salads. We eat them like they're going out of style in our house. I found these honey roasted nut a little bit of yummy!

Anonymous said...

Yay for self-discipline (although don't forget it is okay to splurge every once in a while!). Those salads sounds amazing! Does she just make a lot on Monday and then you have enough for the whole week?