Friday, March 26, 2010

Meridian Hill Park

After Sunday's cookout and backyard picnic, we ventured into D.C. to explore a neighborhood we hadn't yet seen.

We chose Meridian Hill Park, near the neighborhood Columbia Heights.

In addition to a number of statues, we saw the Italian-Renaissance style terraced fountain in the lower half of the park and gardens in a French Baroque style in the upper half. Sadly, with Spring having just begun, the fountains weren't operating yet.

Katie and I near the statue of poet Dante.


Some monkeys climbing on the statue.


Someone crocheted a St. Paddy's Day mask for this fellow.


Joan of Arc


The girls and I in front of the {non-operating} fountain. {In case you didn't know, I'm a cougar. Or a puma or something. Just kidding . . but seriously, why do you think they're laughing? :)}


The upper park was an unexpected cultural experience.


Little did we know "on Sunday afternoons during the warm weather months, people gather in the upper park to dance, participate in a drum circle, and provide food for the homeless. The activity has been held in the park since the 1950s, and attracts professional drummers from time to time". No wonder there was such a huge {and "interesting"} crowd!

These gentlemen enjoy blowing into their pipes and softly shaking some sort of rice shaker. If you ask me, you would have to be on drugs to enjoy this. It was so strange.


The tightrope walkers were fascinating to watch. This man finally caught the rope after several attempted jumps. I'm not sure how one can even walk a tight rope, let alone jump onto one!



I can see why so many flock here, though. It's so pretty.


We continued our walk down an adjoining street to see the Meridian House with its limestone facade and spooky-looking trees. {Does anyone know what these are?} The house was built in the early 1900s by a retired Ambassador and is now the Meridian International Center, a non-profit that promotes international understanding. {I know, you could care less!}




To sum it all up: a pretty new neighborhood, a very fun day.



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pinksundrops said...

I love your outings and your discoveries! I'm taking art history right now and am fascinated with it.