Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best Buns

You can pretty much bet on every other post involving cupcakes here at LoveThisLife. I hate to be so predictable but . .

best buns vanilla vanilla

This is a vanilla vanilla that Katie brought home from Best Buns Bread Co. the other day. It's a big one. I'd already eaten and loved their perfectly light and sugary donut holes and super moist pumpkin bread, and it turns out they bake a good cupcake, too. What a sweet roommate to bring me one.

I've been doing some more cupcake baking myself, so stay tuned to see which flavors.

Are you on the edge of your seat?? ;)


Liz said...

I wish I lived in your house with you. So many yummy foods. Except, I'm sure I'd end up a blimp!

boodut said...

I guess that diet never stuck huh? haha

boodut said...

Peanut butter filled and funfetti please!

Brett G said...

you should change your blog name to 'love this food' because that's all you write about anymore.

are you a food snob? are you going to be a guest judge on Iron Chef?