Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Williamsburg Eats

On our lunch break from baking on Saturday, Katie's sister warmed up the tender pulled pork she had made the day before. With extra bbq sauce, a toasted bun, and a side of applesauce, it was the perfect lunch to eat on the back deck in the sunshine.


That night, the girls and I were taken to dinner by a family friend named Simon, a wonderful Christian "uncle" to the girls . . and now to me! He's adopted me as one of his "nieces" now. :)

Simon has a little book he carries around in which he writes down prayer requests for those he knows or happens to meet that day.

I think I made it into the book!


After dinner at Carrabba's, we hurried across the street to get some Sno To Go before it closed.


Unlike anything I'd ever tried, this treat included no only flavored ice, but also a soft serve stuffing.


We stopped by Colonial Williamsburg on Sunday . .


There it is in all it's cuteness.


After popping into Carousel to browse the baby clothes, we picked up some sandwiches at the Cheese Shop.



I ordered Virginia ham on french bread with sprouts, House dressing, and Havarti cheese.



Delicious weekend!


Anonymous said...

L, love the post and Williamsburg. Your pictures of the "Cheese Shoppe" reminded me of a sketch done years ago. Check out this link.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am jealous, because:
1 - I love Billsburg
2 - I love your roomie and her fam
3 - I love the Cheese Shoppe (and am now craving Cheese Shoppe)
4 - I love Sno-to-Go (and am now craving a Stuffed Tiger's Blood - please tell me that's what flavor you got!)

Second of all, I'm glad you love my Alma Mater town! :)

boodut said...

Gooood choice with the ham and havarti...i love them together! Well..I like (danish) havarti by itself too.