Friday, March 12, 2010

Decision Time

Last night was a good night! Not only did I eat a frozen chocolate-covered banana {courtesy of my roommate} and bake peanut-butter filled chocolate cupcakes {don’t ask if I ate one of those, too – the diet’s clearly going so well!}, I also learned that my best friend, Michelle, will be visiting me the beginning of May! The same day my mom and sister head home after their visit. I won’t have even an hour to feel lonely.

This means that, not only do I have yet another thing to look forward to these coming weeks, but I also have an even greater excuse to finish my bedroom – no matter the cost! Well . . I do have a budget.

So I’ll have to stop wavering between aqua and navy and where to click purchase on a seagrass rug. It’s decision time!

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Brian said...

Your Blog makes me SSOOOOO hungry!