Thursday, March 04, 2010


Last summer, when celebrating birthdays at Founding Farmers with InTheTweeds and The Girl, someone mentioned bacon-wrapped dates as a delicious appetizer option.

My first thought: sounds gross.

I wasn't sure I'd ever tried a date, but it was probably for very good reason. Who eats those anyway?

But they wound up on our table, and I couldn't resist a taste. If someone is raving, I'm easily convinced.

After sampling this hors d'Ĺ“uvre, I was raving, too - and helping myself to another. Bacon-wrapped, basil and bleu cheese-stuffed dates with balsamic. It was as if a million flavors had exploded in my mouth. Everything I'd eaten at Founding Farmers was worth coming back for, but I would always remember it as the restaurant where I met bacon-wrapped dates.

So I guess you could say we had a reunion this week. I spotted a container of dates on the kitchen counter and they were destined for the very thing I hoped.

Lyn made bacon-wrapped, asiago cheese stuffed dates. A happy night indeed.


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MOM said...

How do you stuff the dates? this sounds really good.