Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Rug #3

How is it that I have purchased three rugs in six weeks? Someone stop me!

The two rugs I scored great deals on from Williams-Sonoma Home were lovely . . but, as ridiculous as it sounds, I put them in storage. I basically purchased them as back-up rugs - if my duvet didn't work, I would use one of them as a jumping off point for decorating my room. But the duvet worked, and it clashes with the rugs.

I now plan to purchase an 8x10 sisal rug for my bedroom and hopefully a sheepskin rug, as well.

That is the only rug I was looking for when I went to the Pottery Barn outlet with Lauren.

But we spotted a rug we both loved, and the next thing we knew . .


Although it looks quite dirty in the pictures, it's spotlessly clean - a cream colored rug with flecks of gray and gold.


And it's allowed me to get rid of the clashing red rug under our dining room table.


Much, much better. {However, this room is still not well-decorated - I need to really lose that big frame - but homes are a work in progress, aren't they?}

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Lauren said...

Aw! It looks so pretty under your dining room table!! I'll have to take a pic for you (with my new birthday present camera :) of the carpet in G's dining room. Haha, so glad I could work around my budget and still find a way to enjoy a gorgeous rug - just use someone else's money!